English Café

Client Requirements: Wanted the cafe to be spacious and welcoming
Challenges: Despite space and budget constraints, DP left no stone unturned to ensure client satisfaction

• DP used a combination of grey and wood shade throughout the café.

• Placed in the available space 2 chillers, a small work station, a cash counter, and 2 small ledges on either side to serve the cakes

• Designed a low height double door of rubber wood and MS at the entrance of the bakery

• Used rubber wood panelling at the entrance area to add

Café Gallery

Client Requirements:
Debika Choudhary, a fashion designer, wanted the boutique to exude warmth and openness
Challenges: Despite space and budget constraints, DP took on the challenge to make the boutique look spacious, cozy and welcoming

I decided to give an ethnic touch to the boutique as the client dealt mainly in traditional wear blended with contemporary design

• Designed a small hanger display area as well as stacking areas
• Provided cove lighting under the shelves
• Used bamboo for light fixtures that were customized onsite

Boutique Gallery

Client Requirements: Group M, an advertising company, wanted the cafeteria to look trendy and cool
Challenges: In an 850 sft area, DP needed to bring in all the elements of a cafeteria but at the same time ensure that the area is roomy, airy and lively
I gave a funky touch to the whole cafeteria by making the space more creative and colourful.

• Constructed a dais at the centre and integrated speaker systems for musical performances / entertainment acts
• Provided circular seating spaces around the dais and placed high bar stools on one side of the Cafeteria
• Used abstract designer laminates to make the place look vibrant
• Painted all the exposed AC duct pipes in black to create a pub atmosphere

Cafetaria Gallery