Phoenix One

Spacious rooms with whole lot of storage spaces were what the client suggested as a requirement for his 3BHK apartment. Though it seemed to be an easy thing to do since the list was simple and short, but for me to bring both these aspects in an apartment was nothing short of a challenge. I tried to use my creativity at its best.

As the client was from Rajasthan – the “Land of Kings”, I used Jaisalmer stone wall Mural in the Living Room to evoke nostalgic memories. A semicircle shaped TV wall panel was designed with textured paint on the wall and with Corian stone for the ledge below. For the foyer, I designed a two tier step ceiling with a cove around and brightened the whole area with a marble textured paint.

Like any other apartment, the space provided for dining hall is comparatively small. Besides, in this apartment, the dining hall leads to the kitchen and so to create a separate space for dining (yet not impacting the spaciousness), a breakfast counter with a crockery unit was used as the divider between Kitchen and Dining. Moreover, a grey & yellow painted 3D panel was placed on either side of the dining wall and a circular wooden ceiling with spot ligh

For the kitchen, a bluish green lacquered glass as Dado, grey quartz as Counter Top, and white Corian shutters were provided. I even provided cove lighting in the skirting, base unit and below the upper unit of the kitchen.

The lack of space for the pooja room was solved by creating a plywood partition and designer laminated glass. As for the door, a foldable shutter was designed with leaf metal insert coated with brass powder.
I designed a walk in wardrobe with a 3D laminated glass sliding door for the master bedroom. As for storage spaces, I designed it in step pattern with spot lights.