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Motifs and Specifications

The following are some of the principles and conditions that form the basis of Designerz Palette’s DNA


Designerz Palette believes in transparency and accountability. Therefore, when charging we stick to the following principles:

  • We DO NOT charge on Percentage basis but on Per Sft basis
  • NO hidden costs and NO additional charges
  • We CHARGE as per standards set by COA (Council of Architecture)
  • We CHARGE retainer fee for the designs but NO charge for revisions
Interior Design Project Portfolio


Designerz Palette expects its clients not to indulge in unprofessional conduct such as:

Map Out
  • Negotiating beyond reasoning
  • Denying our rightful claim on design credits and photographic rights at the end of the project
  • Demanding a rough sketch
  • Requesting professional work at an amateur rate