Modern Style, Architectural Lighting, and Customised Partitions

For her high end apartment in Prestige Shanthiniketan, when the client visited my architecture and interior design studio in Bangalore, she was particular about one thing – no wood finish for her interiors. Being an interior designer, I focus on two aspects when designing the interiors. One is the colour and the other is the style. So after visiting the site, I considered several styles and finally zeroed in on a modern style with white being the dominant shade.   

All the rooms have white has the base shade and to break the monotony splashes of bright colours like oranges, reds, pinks, yellows, and teals are used for furnishings like dinnerware, curtains, cushions, cabinets and carpets. Similarly, for the wood works, angles and straight lines are used as a break from the monotonous of one tone.   

To enhance the beauty of the interiors, I used architectural lighting or concealed lightning in almost all areas. This helped not only to conceal the light sources but also to amplify the ambience of the rooms.

To create private and cosy spaces, I used a standalone partition in the shape of a tree for the living area using the metal grill. Likewise, I used customized Cnc metal grill in the form of a peacock to separate the pooja area from the foyer space.

Highlights – The DP Touch

I made false ceiling in angular grid with a cove light that gives a stunning look to the whole room.

I made a huge image of sitting Buddha on the wall in the living area using FRP that adds grace and elegance to the area.

As for the kitchen, I used customized 8’x 4’ designer glass Dado without the upper unit behind the chimney which gives the kitchen a different look and feel.

I got the opportunity to try new styles and designs in this project. As for the clients, they gave me a free hand and I’m sure; they experienced a higher satisfaction and value quotient.