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Focal Point

Designerz Palette is founded and lead by principal architect Brijila Kishore, who has 12 years of experience as a self-employed architect in both architecture and interior design fields. The experience gained by working under Ar. Ramesh of Design Seeds, Calicut and brief stints in Acropetal (Formerly Midwest Pvt Ltd), Thomas Associates, and Nigama Developers in Bangalore have helped to refine her architectural and designing skills. As a freelance architect, she has managed numerous projects that include residential, retail and commercial projects.

About Our Lead Architect

For Brijila Kishore , architecture is not just shapes, lines, and dimensions. It is the welding of dreams into magnificent works of art. According to her, a home is where we belong and to develop a sense of belonging it is essential that the home should exude a lot of our personality traits as she truly believes that home is an extension of one’s personality. The same reasoning applies to the place where we work. So she pays great attention to client ideas and suggestions and then improvises it.

Architect Ms Brijila Kishore
Harish Reddy Villa

When designing a home, she keeps in mind the personality traits, as well as the wants and needs of the client and then incorporates the best of the client’s suggestions and the latest trends and designs. In every design of hers, she adds a touch of creativity that makes the design unique and distinctive. Besides, she lays great emphasis not only on aesthetics but also on utility and durability aspects.

Thus, through Designerz Palette, Lead Principal Architect Brijila Kishore aims not to build just a home but to design a home that truly matches your personality as well as lifestyle.