Exterior Interior Design – Wire Cut Bricks & FRP Panels

When my client approached my office at JP Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore, she had no ideas or suggestions to contribute to her house designs. I was given a free hand and therefore when I visited the site I went with a free mind and not with any preconceived notions. After visiting the site, I specifically asked for her requirements and then incorporated those details when designing her home interior.

As for her house, it is a 2400 SFT independent duplex house in J.P. Nagar Bangalore with extensions to First Floor (FF) and Second Floor (SF). In the FF entrance area, the door leads directly to the living room and so I decided to give a half wall partition with brick cladding. I constructed a wire cut brick wall at lintel level that act not only as a foyer but also as a partition for living and dining space. The wire cut bricks are actually factory made bricks and therefore its finishing is much superior to normal bricks.

In the dining area, a veneer false ceiling is provided with Al profile lighting, which gives a wonderful ambience to the whole area. As for the kitchen, a stainless steel kitchen carcass is used and is given a plywood shutter. Besides, a landscape is provided in the SF which refreshes and relaxes body as well as mind. In order to bring direct light into the room, an opening is provided in the roof. For flooring, I have used marble flooring for FF and full body vitrified for SF.

Apart from interior, exterior design has also been given equal prominence. Hence, FRP panels of wood shade are used for the exterior façade of the house. FRP panels or Fiberglass Reinforced Panels give durability and style to the place. Installed directly over the solid surface, FRP panels are water resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean panels.

The client was quite happy with the designs and the beautiful smile on her face conveyed her true feelings, which in itself a true reward for all the efforts I put in designing their house. If I could capture the moment in my mobile, you can easily figure out my emotions!!