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The DP Touch

The Designerz Palette Touch

A ‘leaf theme’ carried out throughout the house

  • Designed a leaf metal divider between Living and Dining rooms
  • SS leaf cut out embossed on the main door
  • Designer laminated glass with a leaf pattern used as the table top for dining table

Murals used sparingly to enhance the beauty of the interiors

  • A backlit sandstone mural depicting a tree with birds on the wall opposite to the main door entrance
  • A backlit Buddha mural done on Corian panel on the staircase wall

DP played with different materials and colour themes in this particular project

Living Room :

  • Designed a brown lacquered glass suspended ceiling with wall paper for base ceiling
  • Designed an internal landscape space near the staircase cut out with Corian stone topped seating area
  • Used green Italian marble for stair treads and risers
  • Designed stone veneer cladding with opaque and transparent combinations on the staircase wall
  • Designer Corian Jali work on the Pooja wall that act as a partition wall
liv 3
Duplex House

Bedrooms :

  • Brown and white colour theme in the Master Bedroom with white glossy Polycot. As for cabinets, used brown imported veneer with matt melamine polish
  • Yellow theme with grey veneer furniture in the Guest Bedroom
  • Blue and grey colour theme with brown veneer furniture and white and black colour theme for the other two bedrooms

Kitchen :  

Used white acrylic shutters for kitchen cabinets, olive green lacquered glass as kitchen dado and Jerusalem diamante grey quartz as kitchen slab

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