About Architecture and Interior Designing | Designerz Palette

Designerz Palette is an Architectural + Interior Designing firm in Bangalore, having special touch for finishing designs. Designerz Palette is a unique design studio which has more than 14 years of experience in architectural and home or office interior designing.

We give most attention to client ideas and suggestions because we believes to develop a sense of belonging, whether home or office, it is necessary that the site must reflect the personality traits of the clients.

We understood the ground reality that however perfects the architectural and interior designs are, if the execution is not proper, it can ruin the beauty of the whole design.

We developed the best team of carpenters, architects and interior designers around Bangalore and started providing house plan and design services to its various clients from Middle East and Asia.

At Designerz Palette, they truly believe that architecture is not just shapes, lines, and dimensions. It’s an extension of the personality of the client.

Since we follow this strategy, our every project has uniqueness and distinguished.

Designerz Palette’s team of experienced architects and interior designers make it a point to keep them up to date with the latest in the architectural and interior designing field. Designerz Palette suggests designs irrespective of whether the client requirement is Ethnic/Antique, Retro, Contemporary or Western.

The aim of Designerz Palette is not only to come up with architectural designs that satisfy their clients but also to execute it to perfection.